Homeschooling can be challenging and international homeschooling even more challenging. Help us invest in the flourishing of homeschooling worldwide for the glory of God. Your donations support homeschoolers abroad-U.S. military families, missionaries and international citizens- by offering curricula, resources, and encouragement to help them homeschool successfully.

We have helped families in Australia, China, Egypt, Germany, Haiti, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Turkey and more.

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Equip Homeschool Families

You can’t always travel overseas to lend a hand, but you can send supplies!

When you support a missionary and military family’s homeschool, you help them thrive in the work that God has them doing. Many international families simply do not have access to the resources needed to homeschool successfully. When you give you help homeschooling families flourish everywhere.

Since 2012 we have provided over $122,000 in curriculum relief. Your support can help us serve more families in more countries.

Your donation will help to:

  • Purchase and deliver curriculum and school supplies
  • Build libraries for missionaries and orphanages
  • Make curriculum available in other languages

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Encourage Homeschool Families

In the United States, the homeschool experience includes high-quality curriculum, state and regional conferences with dynamic speakers, encouragement from friends and family, and social networking through local co-ops and support organizations. But what does the journey look like for homeschool families living abroad? Think of the military family serving in Europe, the missionary family working in Africa, or the many families of faith struggling with government opposition in Asia?

We should be thankful for the many wonderful resources we enjoy in America and seek to share them with others.

Your donation will help to:

  • Encourage isolated and struggling homeschool families
  • Train and establish overseas homeschooling communities

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