Apologia Mission invests in the homeschooling community worldwide.

We believe that homeschooling is both an educational movement and a
revival. We believe that homeschooling is a great way to raise, educate, and
disciple children. We believe that homeschooling is a powerful way to change the
world when those children start impacting the communities where they live.

Studies have repeatedly shown that homeschooled students score higher on
standardized tests, but more importantly home-educating families produce
graduates who stay committed to the Christian faith as young adults.

We exist to support homeschoolers abroad- U.S. military families, missionaries,
and international citizens-by offering curricula, resources, and encouragement to
help them homeschool successfully.Through strategic partnerships, discounts,
donations, and international mission trips we work to help home education grow
and flourish around the world.

Our vision is to be a resource for the expansion of homeschooling across the
globe while being a wellspring of support and hope to the families involved.

On behalf of the homeschooling families around the world that you help through
your prayers and donations, Apologia Mission gives thanks and praise to God for
your participation. Let’s invest together in the homeschooling community